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Bulletin for Worship – Sunday, April 26th

Join us for worship on Facebook LIVE on Sunday, April 26th at 9:30am!

You’ll find us here: https://www.facebook.com/holynativitynewhope/

You do not need a Facebook account to watch worship. You do need a Facebook account to post comments during and after the service, which is completely optional. A Facebook account is free.

TIP! If you have a Facebook account, also “like” our page and be logged into your account 5-10 minutes before worship! This way, our live worship will automatically pop up on your screen when it begins!

Here is the bulletin for you to follow along for Sunday, April 26th:

Bulletin – Sunday, April 26th

Here is a Large Print bulletin for Sunday, April 26th:

Large Print Bulletin – Sunday, April 26th


We are working on streaming to both Facebook and YouTube. Last week we tried it for the first time, and it worked, but there were some glitches due to the limited bandwidth and having it streaming to two places instead of one. We’re working on resolving that so if you have trouble viewing on Facebook, check our YouTube page for the live worship.

Our YouTube page: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCv9wMRQxiXSf0jwX-EamLBw/