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Anyone with a phone can now listen to our worship services!

New phone-in option for hearing our worship services

We have signed up for a phone service so that anyone can listen to a recording of our most recent worship service on their phone, for free!

Here’s our unique toll-free number: 1 (855) 341 – 0527

If you know someone who doesn’t have a computer but would like to listen to a worship recording on the phone (any phone will work), please share the phone number with them! It costs them nothing to call and listen as many times as they wish.

We are reaching out to members who do not have computer access to let them know about this option.

(We are currently not able to connect to the service to provide a live-streaming option, but recordings of services are available to hear.)

How it works

When you call, you will be able to hear the prior Sunday’s service. This updates every Sunday at noon.

So on Sundays, call after NOON and the service from earlier that morning will be available to hear.