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Questions and Answers about our New Parking Lot and Sanctuary Remodel

Questions and Answers about the Parking lot and Sanctuary!!! 

Watch this video tour of our sanctuary remodel!

As remodeling is being done in the church, here are more details to explain the process.

Written by Pastor Jason.

Q: It sounds like a lot of projects are taking place. What all is being done?
A: The parking lot has been replaced. It has also been upgraded to make it ADA-compliant. This was done by adding a ramp from the parking lot to the front door and moving some handicap parking spaces so the slope and size of the spaces comply with ADA.

Also, the sanctuary is being remodeled. The ceiling water damage is being repaired and the ceiling will be repainted. In addition, new carpeting is being installed, the front tile is being replaced, and the pews and worship furnishings are being refinished and re-padded.

Q: Was this work approved by the congregation?
A: Yes, all of the projects were introduced, explained, and (where appropriate) voted on by the congregation at the May 2019 congregational meeting. It took this long to have all the work scheduled and completed.

Q: When will all the work be completed?
A: We can’t say for sure due to the number of contractors/companies involved in the work, but we hope to have everything completed by the end of June.

Q: This sounds like an expensive list of projects. How are we paying for it?
A: We have three separate sources of funds for these projects: Insurance money from the roof replacement (to cover damage to the ceiling), the Foundation for Mission capital campaign (to cover the carpet), and estate gifts (mainly from the Bob and Ruth Paulson estate) to cover the remaining projects/costs. We are not adding any debt to complete these projects.

If you have questions, please contact a council member or pastor.