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Worship Fall 2020

Worship Update – Fall 2020

Worship update from Rev. Jason Wahlstrom, Senior Pastor, from a letter to the congregation on 9/23/20:

“The council and staff have determined a method to decide when we can safely return to in-person indoor worship in our sanctuary.  As you know, we have refrained from worshipping in-person indoors out of an abundance of caution due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  The more we have learned about the virus, the more we have realized that gathering in groups in enclosed spaces is one of the easiest ways the virus is transmitted.  Unfortunately, worshipping together represents just such a gathering.  When we add singing to such group gatherings, the risk only increases.

“However, experts in epidemiology suggest that it becomes safer to gather together when spread in the community gets lower.  Thus, we will use the rate of test positivity in Hennepin County as a guideline for determining how and when to resume in-person indoor worship and how and when other groups are allowed in the church.  Based on expert guidance, when the rate of test positivity is above 5%, we will only allow groups of up to 15 people.  When the rate of test positivity is between 3% and 5%, we will allow groups of up to 25 people.  When the rate of test positivity is below 3%, we will resume in-person worship at a maximum capacity of 25% of our sanctuary space.  Until we are well past the worst of this virus, all people will be required to wear a facemask during group activities and meetings in our building, including worship.

“We hope this offers some clarity as we move forward.  A future decline in test positivity rate requires all of us to work together to prevent transmission of this virus.”

At this time, worship will continue online on Sundays at 9:30am. Updates will be shared with the congregation and online.

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