3900 Winnetka Avenue N., New Hope, MN 55427

Bulletin for Worship – Day of Pentecost, Sunday, June 5th

Sunday, June 5th is Day of Pentecost!

All are welcome to attend in-person.

Worship at 9:30am will be livestreamed on Facebook for those who are uncomfortable or unable to attend worship in person.

You’ll find us here: https://www.facebook.com/holynativitynewhope/

If you have a smart TV, here’s what works for us: Download the “Facebook Watch” app, search for “Holy Nativity” and just click on the livestream when it begins!

Here is the bulletin for you to follow along for Sunday at 9:30am:

Bulletin – Sunday, June 5th

Here is a Large Print bulletin for Sunday:

Large Print Bulletin – Sunday, June 5th

Worship includes communion and we return to our old-fashioned pre-covid instructions. You will be invited to come up to the altar for bread and wine or juice, given by our pastors and communion assistants. (Sign up to be a communion assistant here!)

If you are worshiping online, you are invited to make communion bread at home! Here is an adapted recipe for communion bread we use at church!

Our YouTube channel (to view the service afterward): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCv9wMRQxiXSf0jwX-EamLBw/

To listen to the service by phone afterward, call 1 (855) 341 – 0527 after noon on Sunday.