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Boston Grand Piano

Boston Piano

Holy Nativity’s Boston GP-178 Grand Piano was purchased for $22,000 in 2013 to replace our Youth Chang G150 Grand Piano. Fundraisers including an 88 Keys Campaign took place and raised over $10,000. In addition to the trade-in value of the Young Chang, more than half of the Boston piano’s cost has been repaid to the church. We are excited to have this quality piano and thank everyone who has donated and made this Boston piano purchase possible! See the list below of all the generous donors who made the piano purchase possible.

(from Steinway’s website: www.steinway.com/piano/boston/grand)

The Boston piano features a duplex scale, adapted from the famous Steinway & Sons design, which adds a harmonic richness that simply can’t be duplicated by other instruments in a similar price range.

In comparison to other pianos, the Boston has less string tension. This reduced string tension allows for a larger, tapered soundboard, creating longer sustain, and more singing quality in the tone (as well as longer piano life). A wealth of other engineering enhancements, including optimal placement of ribs, braces, and bridges, also contribute to the Boston’s superior tone and greater stability.

The Boston grand piano offers a larger soundboard in comparison to other pianos of the same length, due to its innovative “wide tail” design. This wider construction of the case means that a 5’ 10” Boston grand has the same soundboard area as a typical 6’ 2” grand piano, creating the power, richness, and feel of playing a much larger piano.

Each Boston piano soundboard is crafted of Sitka spruce, long proven to be the most resonant material available. Boston soundboards are also precisely tapered, which allows them to vibrate more freely. In conjunction with a number of special technologies — unique patents of Steinway & Sons — the result is a powerful, sustained tone.

Fine veneers underlie the elegance of the Boston pianos — available in walnut and mahogany satin or polished finishes, as an alternative to the classic ebonized — all designed to delight the eye and enhance the player’s experience.


Boston 88 Keys Campaign Donors – Thank you!

AO Sandee Stenzel in memory of her mother Gertrude Chance
AO# Eric & Wendy Grimes in honor of Addie & Charlie
BO Wayne & Jan Moen
C1 Don & Delores Hoseth
C1# Dale & Darlene Wilson
D1 Jeanne Goldston
D1# Kent & Sharon Hoover
E1 Ernst family
F1 Rhonda Swanson in memory of Larry Malmborg
F1# Dave & Grace Folkerds in honor of Holy Nativity musicians who enhance our worship experience
G1 New Hope Women of Today
G1# Rev. John & “Geri” Lingen in honor of Holy Nativity
A1 Sandee Stenzel in honor of Timothy Stenzel
A1# J. Ninsel Warner
B1 Beth Demarest
C2 Mary Lazerine in honor of Holy Nativity
C2# Milton Ferris & Denise Prosek
D2 Jon & Deb Peterson
D2# Harriet “Chris” Vorhes in memory of Carl, Frank & Martin Vorhes
E2 Ted & Kathy Davis
F2 Wayne & Lori Frederickson
F2# Mary Lazerine in honor of Iver Hubert, Dir. of Music Ministry
G2 Paul & Carol Goda in memory of Marcus Paul Goda
G2# Rev. John & “Geri” Lingen in honor of Pastor Dave & Katie
A2 Sandee Stenzel in honor of Mark Stenzel
A2# Alice Evans in memory of Robert O. Evans
B2 Bruce Spande
C3 Leann Stelck in memory of LeRoy Stelck
C3# John & Deb Mickelson in memory of Bea Westlund, Deb’s mom
D3 Rev. Warren & Dorothy Jorenby in honor of Douglas & Kristin Jorenby
D3# Harold & Jeanette Lund
E3 Paul & Mary Ann Beneke
F3 Joe & Deb Gartner in memory of Alavon & Edwin Knutson
F3# Brian & Kari Johnson in memory of Jerry Ford (Kari’s dad)
G3 Greg Eklund
G3# Gaylen Bunce
A3 Sandee Stenzel in honor of Melisse Torres
A3# Carl & Dorothy Berget in memory of our parents
B3 Sandee Benedict, Mike Korstad family & Dave Sjong family – in memory of Ron Benedict
C4 Mary Lazerine in honor of Lisa Baker, my piano instructor
C4# Mary Lazerine
D4 Larry & Althera Bergren in honor of Kirsten & Jennifer
D4# Mary Lazerine
E4 Shirley Welch
F4 Andrew & Janet Kubly in honor of Joseph & Avery – 2 awesome piano players
F4# Mary Lazerine
G4 $200
G4# Mary Lazerine
A4 Sandee Stenzel in honor of Craig Stenzel
A4# Mary Lazerine
B4 Rev. John & “Geri” Lingen in honor of our families
C5 Leann Stelck in honor of her mother, Betty Stelck
C5# Gary & Jackie Peterson in honor of our family
D5 Emmy Maheux, Nora Leverson, Karen Leverson
D5# Craig & Maureen Greening in honor/memory of brother Hilary McDonald
E5 Bruce & Kara Holt
F5 $150
F5# Becky Schnizler & family in memory of Bob & Lois Johnson
G5 Lori Cowman
G5# Sylvia Staebler in honor of Michelle Hayes
A5 Sandee Stenzel one key for each of her 6 musical children
A5# Betty Stelck in memory of LeRoy Stelck
B5 Harold & Ruth Hubbard in honor of their family
C6 Mary Lazerine in honor of Iver Hubert, Dir. of Music Ministry
C6# Mary Warner
D6 Roger & Maxine Peterson
D6# Arnie Ortloff in honor/memory of Rufus & Edna Ortloff
E6 Bob & Lynn Madsen in memory of our parents
F6 Dorothy Rosquist
F6# Darlene Rasmussen in memory of Carl Owen Rasmussen
G6 Kelly & Martha Duclos
G6# Gerald & Karen Gaasland in memory of our mothers who loved their church music: DeLores Ackert and Ida Gaasland
A6 Sandee Stenzel in honor of Catherine Stenzel
A6# Rev. John & “Geri” Lingen Thanks be to God
B6 Monte & Marilyn Miller in honor of our 14 grandchildren
C7 Mary Lazerine in honor of Holy Nativity
C7# Bob & Ruth Paulson in memory of Dorothy Vikstrom
D7 Lisa Baker, Dennis & Rosi Mitchell in memory of Gladys Mitchell who loved to play and hear piano music
D7# Bob & Ruth Paulson in memory of Dorothy Vikstrom
E7 Mary Lazerine in honor of Iver Hubert, Dir. of Music Ministry
F7 Pick your own ($50+)
F7# Bruce & Terri Johnson
G7 Joyce Traczyk & Barbara Strub in memory of Stanley Traczyk & Dear Grandma Jenny Melbye
G7# $100
A7 Sandee Stenzel to the glory of God for bringing music into my life
A7# Mary Lazerine in honor of Iver Hubert, Dir. of Music Ministry
B7 Wayne & Linda Lien in honor of our family
C8 Butch & Judy Alexander in memory of loved ones