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Annual Congregational Report 2020
Annual Congregational Report 2019
Holy Nativity Member Participation Form 2019
Facility Use Request
Columbarium Notes
Church Flowchart
Holy Nativity Visitor Survey – There are two ways to fill this out: 1) print and submit form to church office with your responses, or 2) download file and click “sign” (may need to right-click on document and then click “Add Text”), type your responses on it, then save to your computer and email as an attachment to office@holynativity.net.
Lector’s Pronunciation Guide

Funeral Planning
Funeral Planning Form

Electronic Giving (to set up automatic giving to Holy Nativity – FREE!)
Simply Giving Form

Youth & Education
Sunday School Registration for 2021 – 2022
Confirmation Sermon Notes

New Hope Liturgy “Kyrie” (by Iver Hubert, Director of Music and Lisa Baker, Organist)

New Hope Liturgy “Glory to God”   (by Iver Hubert and Lisa Baker)

Missa Aurea “Agnus Dei” (by Iver Hubert)

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